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Lovell Beach House – Newport Beach, California

Posted in Built by gabbyraziel on November 1, 2018

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Building: Lovell Beach House
Location: Newport Beach, California
Architect: Rudolf Schindler
Completion: 1926

AE Interests: house is lifted and cradled in 5 parallel poured-in-place concrete frames in the shape of figure 8’s; protected from earthquakes – lightweight walls suspended from the structure to move independently during tremors; curtain wall windows on the east/south sides facing the ocean; healthy lifestyle arrangement – living quarters are on the north side to maximize fresh air circulation; bedrooms have windows for cross ventilation, so no A/C needed.

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S.C. Johnson & Son Headquarters – Racine, Wisconsin

Posted in Built by gabbyraziel on November 1, 2018

buiding 2building 1Great-Workroom-ColumnsSC-Johnson-Research-Tower-Cutaway


Building: S.C. Johnson & Son Headquarters
Location: Racine, Wisconsin
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
Structural Engineers: Wesley Peters and Mendel Glickman
Main Building Completion: 1939
Research Tower Completion: 1951

AE Interests: 43 miles of glass Pyrex tubing forms windows; 200 special shapes of Cherokee Red brick used for interior/exterior walls; the columns in the Great Workroom, referred to as “lily pads;” columns are 9 inches in diameter at the base, 18.5 ft in diameter at the top; the research tower is supported by a central core that extends 54 feet into the ground.

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SFO Airport Air Traffic Control Tower – San Francisco, California

Posted in Built by gabbyraziel on November 1, 2018

tower 1tower 3tower 2[1,2,3]

Building: SFO Airport Air Traffic Control Tower
Location: San Francisco, California
Architects: HNTB Architecture and Fentress Architects
Structural Engineer: Walter P. Moore
General Contractor: Hensel Phelps
Design Team: Joe Grogan, Paul Kim, Alejandro Ogata, Robert Steel
Completion: 2015

AE Interests: Sleek and elegant facade – sweeping torch form and expose of the tower core with black lit glass; Tower placement – adjacent to drivers and pedestrians; Aluminum skin conceals 75,000 lbs of steel to resist wind/earthquakes; cast-in-place concrete core 30 inches thick; 221 feet tall

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