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Suites Avenue Hotel – Barcelona, Spain

Posted in Built by Brett Harbin on September 8, 2015

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Building: Suites Avenue Hotel
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Architect: Toyo Ito
Project Architect: Makoto Fukuda
Completion: 2009

AE Interests: previously an office building, remodeled into a hotel, 8 mm aluminum facade inspired by Gaudi’s organic shapes, facade added for privacy and masking of the black elevation behind it

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Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art – Barcelona, Spain

Posted in Built by Brett Harbin on September 8, 2015

macba-museu-dart-contemporani-barcelona  P8.95SF40_50-1024x813  S3.Barcelona_3-1024x994
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Building: Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Architect: Richard Meiers & Partners
Structural Engineer: Brufau, Obiol, Moya & Associats
Contractor: C.O.M.S.A.
Mechanical Engineer: Estudi d’Arquitectura G.L. Francesc Labastida i Azemar

AE Interests: stark contrast to Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, top lit through louvered skylights, entrance through cylindrical gallery, natural light screened by external louvers

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Camp Nou Renovation – Barcelona, Spain

Posted in Proposed Design by Brett Harbin on September 8, 2015

camp nou renovation  camp nou
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Building: Camp Nou Renovation
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Architect: In competition
Projected Construction: 2017-2021
Projected Cost: 600 million Euros

AE Interest: Adds 5,000 seats, bringing total to 105,000, canopy covering the stands, steeper first seating tier for better viewing, addition of ice rink and parking lots surrounding stadium, improved restaurants and luxury boxes (suites)

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Torre Diagonal Zero Zero – Barcelona, Spain

Posted in Built by Brett Harbin on September 3, 2015

torre diagonal  torre diagonal interior  torre diagonal steel
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Building: Torre Diagonal Zero Zero
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Architect: EMBA
Structural Engineer: Julio Martinez Calzon
Construction: Dragados
Height: 110 m
Floors: 25
Completed: 2011
Use: Commercial office

AE interests: trapezoidal prism, tube-in-tube structural scheme, interior structure composed of small vertical columns, exterior diagonal grid for gravity and lateral loads, erected in 8 months, open-plan working floors

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