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Hermitage Plaza Towers – La Defense District, France

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on March 2, 2015

hermitage_plaza_building_permit_02  Vue11_rue-commercante-vers-la-Seine  hermitage_plaza_building_permit_01

Building: Hermitage Plaza Towers
Location: La Defense District, France
Architect: Foster and Partners
Structural Engineers: LERA
General Contractor: Turner Construction
To be Completed: 2019

AEInterest: Tallest in Western Europe (1,017ft), Diamond-shaped in plan, Tapers outwards as the grow in height, diagrid structure, BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating, angled façade to provide self-shading and draw fresh air, technical rooms placed strategically to save space.

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Children’s Activity and Learning Center -Koh Kood, Thailand

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on December 15, 2014

childrenactivity_01 childrenactivity_04 childrenactivity_07 childrenactivity_11new childrenactivity_33 childrenactivity_34

Building: Children’s Activity and Learning Center
Location: Koh Kood, Thailand
Completed: 2009
Architect: 24h-architecture
Local Architect: Habita Architects
Structural Engineer: Planning & Design Thailand
Structural Engineer for Wind-Tunnel Tests: Arup Thailand
Bamboo Consultant: Jörg Stamm

AEInterest: large organic translucent canopy that cantilevers up to eight meters, two bamboo columns anchor the structure, grouped members create flexible composite beams, Sustainable structure using local materials, bamboo’s natural openness facilitates excellent airflow through the Center

Article: 1, 2

Museo Soumaya – Mexico City, Mexico

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on September 15, 2014

2672b3ad2410e1d860571c1d34d910ac8c92b626  Museo Soumaya 1  soumayga  soumaya

Building: Museo Soumaya
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Architect: LAR / Fernando Romero
Structural Engineers: Arup/Gehry
Completed: 2011
Manufacturer: Geometrica

AEInterest: Shell is constructed of 28 curved steel columns of different sizes and diameters, facade is made of translucent concrete (airy but solid material) that filters light, skin made of  hexagonal aluminum modules to optimize conservation and durability, ceiling suspended from a cantilever

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Dalian Shell Museum – Dalian, China

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on September 11, 2014

4  7  1270485880-img-1043  sd

Building: Dalian Shell Museum
Location: Dalian, China
Architect: The Design Institute of Civil Engineering & Architecture of DUT
Engineering: The Design Institute of Civil Engineering & Architecture of DUT
Contractor: Hunter Douglas Contract
Completed: 2009

AEInterest: overlapping roof made of QuadroClad, customizable light weight aluminum panels, stable metal honeycomb between the skins, fabrication technology used in aircrafts

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Tree Art Museum – Beijing, China

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on September 11, 2014

Capture  Capture2  Capture3  dsa

Building: Tree Art Museum
Location: Beijing, China
Architect: Daipu Architects
Structural Engineer: Huang Shuangxi
Completed: 2009

AEInterest: Curvy concrete floorslab from the floor all the way to the roof, tilted concrete walls,  sloping exhibition rooms and offices, curtain walls allow for daylight to penetrate

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FRAC Bretagne – Rennes, France

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on September 11, 2014

frac2  Frac1  FRAC3

Building: FRAC Bretagne
Location: Rennes, France
Architect: Studio OdileDecq
Structural Engineer: Batiserf / CARIG
Completed: 2012

AEInterest: Made of reinforced concrete treated with an engineered pigmentation process, steel used for cast in frame work and structural framing, massive blocks, complexity, tinted steel

Article: 1


El Aleph – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on September 11, 2014

img0  img3  Faena Aleph Residences Buenos Aires Foster + Partners photo Nigel Young (5)  aleph

Building: El Aleph
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Completed: 2012
Architect: Foster and Partners
Collaborating Architect: Berdichevsky-Cherry
Structural Engineer: Jose Noberto, Galay and Buro Happold
M+E Engineer: Estudio Grinner

AEInterest: sustainable (recycled or local) materials, vaulted concrete structure, flexible glazed screens, bronzed aluminum glazing and sunscreens, façade oriented to protect from various sun intensities

Article: 1

CSMVS – Visitor Center at the Prince of Wales Museum – Mumbai, India

Posted in Built by Laith Quntar on September 11, 2014

Captureqw  cs  csvm2  csmvs

Building: CSMVS – Vistor Center at the Prince of Wales Museum
Location: Mumbai, India
Architect: RMA Architects
Completed: 2011
Structural Engineers: Vijay K. Patil & Associates
Construction Engineer: Likproof India (P) LTD.

AEInterest: reflective steel and glass facade, lightweight elliptical roof, pivoted steel columns, vegetation grows though openings  in the roof

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