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Butaro Hospital – Burera, Rwanda

Posted in Built by Ryan Hua on October 16, 2018

Building Name: Butaro Hospital
Location: Burera District, Northern Province, Rwanda
Architect: MASS Design Group
Structural Engineer: ICON Consultant Group Inc.
Sewage Plant Engineer: EcoProtection
Landscape Design: Sierra Bainbridge and Maura Rockcastle
Completed: 2011

AE Interest: prior to completion, Burera was one of the last two districts in Rwanda without a hospital; eliminated interior corridors and installed large radius ceiling fans to move air from wards to open windows; non-permeable, continuous floor to prevent bacterial growth; constructed 100% by locals, creating jobs and engendering sense of community; exterior walls constructed of local volcanic rocks and designed by local masons

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House VI – Cornwall, Connecticut

Posted in Built by Ryan Hua on October 16, 2018

Building Name: House VI (a.k.a. Frank Residence)
Location: Cornwall, Connecticut
Architect: Peter Eisenman
Completed: 1975 (reconstructed 1987)

AE Interest: primary example of deconstructivism; ignored principle of form following function; disregarding notions of symmetry and continuity, the structural design followed the conceptual design; several beams and columns do not connect or touch the ground; inverted staircase

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The Eames House – Pacific Palisades, California

Posted in Built by Ryan Hua on October 16, 2018


Building Name: The Eames House (a.k.a. Case Study House No. 8)
Location: Pacific Palisades, California
Architect: Charles Eames and Ray Eames
Completion: 1949

AE Interest: designed on two principles: 1) preserve meadow and trees, and 2) maximize volume from minimal materials; utilized prefabricated materials (mass production); consists of two glass and steel boxes; nestled into hillside and supported by 200 ft long concrete retaining wall

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