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Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Headquarters – Hong Kong, China

Posted in Built by chendrickson16 on September 8, 2016

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Building: HSBC Headquarters
Location: Hong Kong Island
Address: Hong Kong, China
Completed: 1986
Architect: Foster + Partners
Structural Engineers: Ove Arup and Partners
M + E Engineers: Roger Preston and Partners
Size: 99,000 m². Three Towers at 29, 36, and 44 stories high
Awards: Won Structural Steel Award, Royal Academy Premier Architectural Award.

AE Interests: Building based upon three foundation towers with pre-cast materials situated in to complete the structure (a). The building maintains notable versatility allowing the bank to easily alter space to meet their needs (b).

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Century Tower

Posted in Built by chendrickson16 on September 8, 2016

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Building: Century Tower
Location: Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, Japan
Completion: 1991
Architect: Foster + Partners
Structural Engineer: Arup
M+E Engineer: J Roger, Preston and Partners
Size: 26,590 meters², 136.6 meters tall, two towers 19 & 21 stories tall.
Awards: Lightweight Medal Cladding Award, Institution of Structural Engineers Special Award.

AE Interests: Expanded on the Foster design idea of HSBC Headquarters to create an office environment with high quality architecture and originality (a).  Previously due to fire regulations combining an open office atrium with open floor space had been prohibited; however, using smoke activated baffles, inspired by airplane wing flaps, and fans, the smoke could be drawn out by increasing air flow to desired levels (a).


50 UN Plaza

Posted in Built by chendrickson16 on September 8, 2016

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Building: 50 UN Plaza Residential Appartment
Location: First Avenue and 46th Street New York City, USA
Architect: Foster + Partners; with SLCE collaborating
Structural Engineer: WSP Cantor Seinuk Group
M +E Engineer: Flack and Kurz
Size: 309,300 ft²;42 story’s

AE Interests: Situated Across the Street from United Nations Headquarters in New York (a). Constructed with an environmental conscience using recycled materials and recycled water for irrigation purposes. (b)

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