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Times Eureka Pavilion – London, United Kingdom

Posted in Built by Madison Steffes on February 26, 2023

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Building: Times Eureka Pavilion

Location: London, United Kingdom 

Completion: June 2012

Total Cost: £70,000

Size: 26 m2

Architect: NEX Architects 

Structural Engineer: Buro Happold 

Landscape/Garden Design: Marcus Barnett

Project architects: Alan Dempsey, James Chung, Michal Piasecki, Paul Loh, Tomas Starczewski

Client: Royal Botanic Gardens, The Times Newpaper

AE Interests: The design of this project was developed using algorithms that replicate leaf capillaries. Rainwater runs through the capillaries of the pavilion roof to the ground of the structure. This pavilion is made using entirely recycled materials and sustainably sourced spruce wood.

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FIH (Finance for Danish Industry) – Langelinie, Denmark

Posted in Built by Madison Steffes on December 5, 2022

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Building: FIH Domicile

Location: Langelinie, Denmark

Completion: 2002

Size: 12,000 square meters

Architect: 3XN Architects

Shutter Design: Art Anderson & Copenhagen

Client: FIH 

AE Interests: This building has a unique, ever-changing facade, consisting of a pattern of red brick tiles and large glass windows. Shutters move back and forth in front of the windows or the bricks, depending on the amount of sunlight desired inside. These shutters are the only sliding shutters in the world where the same electric motor drives both the frames and the tilting slats.

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Shanghai Grand Theater – Shanghai, China

Posted in Built by Madison Steffes on October 3, 2022

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Building: Shanghai Grand Theater
Location: Shanghai, China
Address: Located at the intersection of Central Boulevard and Huangpi Road South

Completed: 1998
Size: 600,000 ft2, 131 ft tall
Cost: 1.3 billion yuan (Around $186,610)
Client: Municipal of Shanghai

Architect: Jean-Marie Charpentier
Acoustics: Kirkegaard Associates
Interior: Studios Architect

AE Interests:  Laminated Curtain glass facade suspended by cables, 7000 tons of steel structure, inverted arched steel roof, six reinforced concrete columns to hold up structure.

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