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St James: The Corniche

Posted in Built by Troy Stewart on February 19, 2020

Corcniche 1Corniche 2

Building: The Corniche
Location: London, England
Architect: Foster + Partners
Structural Engineer: Davies Maguire and Whitby
Façade Engineer: Wintech
Energy and Sustainability Consultants: Hodkinson Consultancy
Environmental Engineer: Hoare Lea
Landscape Architect: Townshend Landscape Architects
Year: 2019

AE Interests: Mixed Use. Curvilinear form meant to give panoramic view to individual apartments. Partially redesigned during construction to avoid windows falling out. Includes three sperate towers/complexes. Minimal columns that are at times rotated in plan to maximize internal space. Two story basement made next to a river and a major railway.


Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Posted in Built by Troy Stewart on February 19, 2020

Acadmey museum image 1Acadmey museum image 2

Acadamey museum image 3


Building: Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Location: Los Angeles, California
Architect: Renzo Piano
General Contractor: Morley and Taslimi, Matt Construction, Paratus Group
Civil Engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers
Consulting Engineers: Knippers Helbig
Geotechnical Engineer: Shannon and Wilson
Stuctural Engineer: Buro Happold
MEP: Buro Happold
Lighting: Buro Happold
Year: 2020

AE Interests: Orb shaped theatre can move 30 inches in any direction during an earthquake. Flexible connections between two separate structural buildings. The sphere is made of curved precast concrete panels. Steel tension cables are used to help support the roof the dome. The dome is seismically isolated from the ground


Marina Bay Sands- Hotel and Skypark

Posted in Built by Troy Stewart on February 19, 2020

MArina Bay Sands 1MArina Bay Sands 2
Marina Bay Sands 3

Building: Marina Bay Sands- Hotel and Skypark
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Architect: Moshe Safdie
Civil Engineer: ARUP
Structural Engineer: ARUP
Acoustics: ARUP
Geotechnical Engineer: ARUP
MEP Design: R.G. Vanderweil LLP
MEP Construction: Parsons Brinckerhoff (rebranded now as WSP)
Year: 2010

AE Interests: Creates two windows in order to see through the three towers for a view of the city from the waterfront, or vice versa. Has a 1.2 hectare, or about 130,000 square-foot, garden capping the towers, which includes a large swimming pool. Continues underground to connect to subsurface travel. World’s largest public cantilevered platform. Continuous lobby at base. Longer than the Eiffel towers total height. Curved asymmetric towers. World’s longest elevated swimming pool. In 2019 it was announced that a fourth tower is in the works. Building shape partially inspired by cards.


Tokyo Skytree

Posted in Built by Troy Stewart on October 28, 2019


Photos: [1 , 2]

Building: Tokyo SkyTree
Location: Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Architect: Nikken Seikei
Contractor: Obayashi Corp
Developer: Tobu Railway
Lighting Designer: Sirius Lighting Office
Completion: 2012

AE Interests: Second Tallest Structure in the world at completion with a total height of 2,080 feet. Triangular base and triangular framing means reduced steel usage. Main structure made from Steel tube frames and steel channels. Central column Vibration control used to reduce wind and earthquake loads by as much as 40%. Also functions as a broadcasting and telecommunications tower.

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Isozaki Atea Towers

Posted in Built by Troy Stewart on October 28, 2019

Images: [1,2]

Building: Isozaki Atea Towers
City: Bilbao, Spain
Architect: Arata Isozaki, Iñaki Aurrekoetxea
Contractor: Fincas Abando
Structural Engineering: Robert Brufau y Asociados
Completion: 2008

AE Interests: Atea means Gate in the Basque Language, meant to be the entrance into Bilbao. The entire project is actually multiple high-rise buildings that are mixed use.  Reused existing foundations.

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Delis Yokohama Building

Posted in Built by Troy Stewart on October 28, 2019


Building: Delis Yokohama Building
City: Yokohama, Japan
Architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates
Visualization: Teppei Iizuka, Soichiro Harada, Shoki An
Model: Takeshi Terasawa, Toshiko Tokai, and Saki Osaka
Completion: 2018

AE Interests: The 850-panel aluminum façade that is an interpretation of noise. Multipurpose building for restaurants and office space. Designed to attract foot traffic. The façade lights up at night.

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