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The Retreat at The Blue Lagoon

Posted in Built by Rogelio Cruz on February 22, 2023

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Building: The Retreat at Blue Lagoon
Address: Norðurljósavegur, 241, Iceland
Start of Construction: 2014
Completion Date: 2018
Cost: $48,123,195
Area: 10400 m2
Cost/m2: $4,627/ m2
Architect: BASALT Architects
Interior Design: Design Group Italia
Lighting Design: Liska
Sound Engineering: ELFA Consulting Engineers
General Contractor: Javerk
Project Management: Blue Lagoon Company

AE Interest: This location is considered a UNESCO Global Geopark. The Silica-rich waters of the lagoon prevented the lava from absorbing some of the water in the surrounding area, thus forming the geological formation. Some of the water flows underneath the building, resulting in geothermal heating that can substitute for a mechanical heating system. Similarly, this project uses geothermal seawater to feed “photosynthetic microalgae,” reducing their carbon footprint. The resort’s structural integrity consists mainly of concrete shear walls and columns. The same structural systems are also often exposed to the audience as if attempting to assimilate into the geography of the surrounding area. The architects wanted the project to convey the belief that humanity and nature have an architectural bond which one can see by the usage of local timber and metamorphic rock from the surrounding area.

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Hangar 14 – Bordeaux, France

Posted in Built by Rogelio Cruz on October 17, 2022

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Building: Hangar (Agora) 14 Location: Bodeaux, France

Address: Rue Jean Samazeuilh CS 20088 33070 Bordeaux Cedex France

Start of Project: 1930 (Building was retrofitted)

Completion: 1999 Client: City of Bordeaux

Owner: Bordeaux Events and More

Architects: Lanoire & Courrian

Project Management: Sarl Lanoire & Courrian – Eurl Flint, agent – ECCTA, technical design office

Director General of Planning: Michèle Laruë-Charlus

General Commissioner: YTAA – Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates

Cost: €3.35 M

Area: 6754 m2 (Ground floor: 3,000 m2 – 1st Floor: 2,400 m2 – Patio: 600 m2 – Other: 754 m2)

Cost per square meter: €558/m2

AE Interest: Frost glass facade covering the majority of the main entrance, 8 identical steel staircases allowing access to the top and bottom floors, Terrace facing the Garonne river creating a panoramic view of the landscape, Building was once used for harboring storage, Some of the building’s original facades were kept to highlight that it was converted into a venue hall.

Articles: [1],[2],[3],[4]


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