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Piazza Garibaldi – Naples, Italy

Posted in Built by Laila Alafifi on September 8, 2015

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Building: Piazza Garibaldi Subway Station
Location: Piazza Garibaldi, 80142 Naples, Italy
Architects: Dominique Perrault Architecture
Project Manager: Metropolitana di Napoli et Metropolitana de Milano, Naples
Structural Engineer: Bollinger + Grohmann, Francfort
Client: Ti Metropolitana di Napoli, Ing. Giannegidio Silva
Site Area: 59,000 m²
Built Area: 21,000 m²
Completion: 2013

AE Interests: Complex transportation hub. Vast prismatic surface composed of different types of perforated metal in varying densities. Triangular patterns of roof.

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Masseria Ospitale – Lecce, Italy

Posted in Built by Laila Alafifi on September 8, 2015

masseria_1  masseria_2  masseria_4
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Building: Masseria Ospitale Restaurant Coverage
Location: Lecce, Italy
Architect: Gridshell and CMMKM Architettura e Design
Structural Consultants: F. Portioli with B. D’Amico
Completion: 2011

AE Interests: Parametrically modeled, lightweight structure. Semi-coverage through an integrated wood skin system. Use of salvaged and renewable resources, such as wood. Known for its economically and environmentally innovative method. Sustainable design. Complex form, timber gridshell.


Office Building and Logistic Center – Naples, Italy

Posted in Built by Laila Alafifi on September 8, 2015

Studio Muodo Nalo Napoli Giorgia Jhones Studio Muodo Nalo Napoli Giorgia Jhones stringio
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Building: Office Building and Logistic Center
Location: Naples, Italy
Architect: modostudio
Consultants: engineering and coordination; Studio Visone & associati
Contractor: Edilizia Cinquestelle + Canova Prefabbricati
Client: Giorgia & Johns Spa
Site Area: 20,235 m²
Built Area: 13,760 m²
Completion: 2011

AE Interests: Strong and recognizable facade. Main structural envelope made of precast concrete. Faceted reinforced concrete panels with a rhomboidal pattern. Glass curtain wall. Steel frame system and metal sheet plates join concrete panels with main envelope. Glass partitions.

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Bagnolia Futura – Naples, Italy

Posted in Built by Laila Alafifi on September 8, 2015

Bagnolia_1 bagnolia_2 bagnolia_3
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Building: Bagnolia Futura Cultural Center
Location: Naples, Italy
Architects: Silvio d’Ascia Architecture
Design Team: Silvio d’Ascia Architecture, ATI Servizi Integrati, IDI
General contractors: SLED SpA with Studio Graziani, Studio Lenzi, Ing. Majorano, Gi.Pi.Gi.
Area: 44,230 m²
Completion: 2011

AE Interests: Steel structural system. Layered facade. Opaque acoustical curtains. Domed structure.

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