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KPOP Curve – Segngnam-si, South Korea

Posted in Built by Marco Munoz on September 10, 2014

KPOP Curve 2  KPOP Curve 1
[ Sources ]

Building: KPOP Curve
Location: Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Architect: Moon Hoon
Completion: 2014
Structure Engineering: POWER
Construction: JEHYO
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: Guekdong Engineering

AEinterest: Complex geometric curved structure, two sided wall illusion, primarily concrete, natural light manipulation.


Mont De Marsan Mediatheque – Mont-de-Marsan, France

Posted in Built by Marco Munoz on September 10, 2014

Mont De Marsan  Mediatheque 2  mont new
[ Sources ]

Building Name: Mont De Marsan Mediatheque
Location:Place De La Caserne Bosque, Mont-de-Marsan, France
Architect: Archi5
Completion: 2012
Associate Architect: Borja Huidobro
Engineer: Mizrahi

AEinterest: Square geometric form, outer façade acts as a mirror, diagonal grid outer wall, complex geometric form for courtyard, event diffusion of light in the courtyard.

Medieval Museum In Waterford – Waterford, Ireland

Posted in Built by Marco Munoz on September 10, 2014

Medival Musuem 1  medival musuem floor plan
[ Sources ]

Building: Medieval Museum in Waterford
Location: Cathedral Square, Waterford, Ireland
Completion: 2013
Architects: Waterford City Council Architects
Design Team: Waterford City Council Architects
Structural and Civil Engineer: Frank Fox & Associates Consultant Engineers
Project Manager: Malone O’Regan Consultants Engineers
Main Contractor: Tom O’Brien Construction Ltd

AEinterest: Building has complex geometric shape, complex shape due to surrounding buildings,  incorporation of medieval structure, complex front façade, mainly concrete structure.

Darlarna Media Library – Falun, Sweden

Posted in Built by Marco Munoz on September 10, 2014

Darlarna 1st  Darlarna 2

[ Sources ]

Building: Darlarna Media Library
Location: Falun, Sweden
Architect: ADEPT
Completion: 2014
Engineer: Ramböll Sweden Ab, Sweco Systems Ab, Brandyskyddslaget
Contractor: HMB Construction Ab

AEinterest: Spiral floor plan, hexagonal shape, accommodating acoustic abilities, highly polished exterior panels, extensive wood cladding, and adequate natural lighting in outer sections.


Nk’ Mip Desert Culture Center – Osoyoos, Canada

Posted in Built by Marco Munoz on September 10, 2014

new desert  Nk' Desert Cultural center 2
[ Sources ]

Building: Nk’ Mip Desert Culture Centre
Location: Osoyoos, BC VOH, Canada
Architects: DIALOG
Architect in charge: Bruce Haden
Project Architect: Brandy Dunlop
Structural Engineering: Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
Mechanical Engineering: Cobalt Engineering
Electrical Engineering: MCL Engineering
General Contractor: Greyback Construction

AEinterest: Partial submerged building, materials that reflect the surroundings, sustainable usage of surroundings, optimized solar performance, glazing on south and west sides, insulated wall, green roof, 20 to 50% savings on forced air system.


1911 Revolution Museum – Wuchang, China

Posted in Built by Marco Munoz on September 10, 2014

1911 Revolution Musuem 1  1911 Revolution Musuem 2
[ Source ]

Building: 1911 Revolution Museum
Location: Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubie, China
Completion: 2011
Architects: CADI
Architects in charge: Lu Xiaoming, Ye Wei

AEinterest: Pillar-less exhibition hall, complex symmetric geometry, steel frame structure, efficient construction, high quality environmental friendly materials, reduced usage of concrete, energy efficient air system.


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