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Infinity Loop Bridge – Zhuhai, China

Posted in Built by jeremywheeless on September 9, 2014

rendering  Zhuhai Shizimen Bridge Levelinfinity-loop-bridge14    schematic


Name: Infinity Loop Bridge
Location: Zhuhai, China
Design Architect: 10 Design + Buro Happold
Completion: proposed 2020
Dimensions: 300 meters in length

AEinterests: Designed such that the two parabolic arches create a figure eight reflection on the water, which is a sign of prosperity in Chinese culture.

Won the World Architecture News (WAN) transport Award in 2012



Henderson Waves Bridge – Mount Faber Park, Singapore

Posted in Built by jeremywheeless on September 9, 2014

wallpaper-Henderson-Waves-Bridge-suitable-for-roads-in-singapore  Henderson Wave Bridge
Puente-Henderson-Wave_constr_3  Puente-Henderson-Wave_constr_2
(image sources)

Name: Henderson Waves Bridge
Location: Mount Faber Park, Singapore
Design Architects: a collaboration between IJP corp. and RSP Architects Planners and Engineers
Structural Engineer: Adams Kara Taylor Consulting Engineers
Construction: Evan Lim & Co.
Completion: 2008
Dimensions: 274 meters (899 feet) in length

AEinterest: Is currently Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge, with the walking deck elevation being 36 meters above the roadway that runs below.

ECOntainer Bridge – Ariel Sharon Park, Israel

Posted in Built by jeremywheeless on September 9, 2014

Econtainer  observation deck

Name: ECOntainer Bridge
Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Design Architect: Iftah Hayner of Yoav Messer Architects
Structural Engineer: Dani Vainer, Jacob & Yuval Achbert
Dimensions: 160 meters in length
Completion Date: incomplete (proposed design)

AEinterests: Has been designed for quick and easy assembly from recycled shipping containers.

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge – Brasilia, Brazil

Posted in Built by jeremywheeless on September 9, 2014


Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge  on bridge

Name: Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Design Architect: Alexandre Chan
Structural Engineer: Mário Vila Verde
Cost: $56.8 million US
Completion: 2002
Construction: Usiminas Mecanica S.A. and Via Dragados S.A.
Dimensions:  1200 meters (3900 feet) in length with the longest span being 240 meters (790 feet)

AEinterests: The suspended deck hangs from cables attached to asymmetric archways that criss-cross the roadway, making for a unique design.

great construction photos(1)


Shanghai Nanpu Bridge – Shanghai, China

Posted in Built by jeremywheeless on September 9, 2014

rendering   NanpuBridge_ZH-CN13404504779 nanpu-bridge-night-view

Name: Shanghai Nanpu Bridge
Location: Shanghai, China
Design Architect: the Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute
Structural Engineer:Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute
Cost:  $131 million U.S.
Completion: December, 1 1991
Length: 8,346 m (9,127 yards) in length with the longest span being 420 meters (1388 ft.)

AEinterests:  At the time of its construction it was the 4th largest cable-stayed bridge in the world

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