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Doninpark – Vienna, Austria

Posted in Built by Brittney Carter on September 10, 2014

Doninpark   Doninpark   Doninpark
Photography: Jasmin Schuller

Building Name: Doninpark
Location: Vienna, Austria
Architect: LOVE Architecture & Urbanism
Client: Hart & Haring Bauträger GmbH
Roof Specialist: Feigl und Schwartz
Load Bearing Structure Planner: ZT Kuttner
Construction Physics: ZT Kuttner
Construction Costs (€): 16,5 Mio
Area: 15,000 sqm
Year: 2013

AE Interest:Construction: Building form dictated by zoning regulations. Nonstandard scale of fenestration and alcoves. The ground floor of the building houses a shopping zone that faces the subway stop, while the first and second floors feature office space and a gym. The third floor upwards is residential quarters. The loggias are on the east side, thereby creating a distance to the street space.

Parkrand – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Posted in Built by Brittney Carter on September 10, 2014

Parkrand 1  Parkrand 2 Parkrand 3
Image 1, 2, 3 

Building Name: Parkrand
Architects: MVRDV
Location: Geuzenveld, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year : 1999-2006
Client : Het Oosten/Kristal bv, Amsterdam NL
Partners In Charge: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries
Structure: Pieters Bouwtechniek
Services And Building Physics: Cauberg Huygen Rotterdam NL
Area: 35,000 sqm
Budget : EUR 28.5 Million

AE Interest:The two open, airy blocks offer views from all sides. All apartments have an orientation to the sun and a view of the park with the perforated roof, which is repeated at the ground floor, forming two courtyards that offer light, view, and access to the apartments on the first level. The garden offers protection from rain and wind.

Vertiz 950 – Mexico City, Mexico

Posted in Built by Brittney Carter on September 10, 2014

vertiz 950 3  vertiz 950  Vertix
Photographs: Diana Arnau

Building Name: Vertiz 950
Architects: HGR Arquitectos
Location: Doctor José María Vertiz, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Marcos Hagerman
Developer: Ciudad Vertical
Structural Design: Mata y Triana Ingenieros Consultores
Double Facade: Hunter Douglas
Area: 3,426 sqm
Year: 2013

AE Interest: Irregular site with only 10 meters of street front. Thirteen different typologies that vary from 62 to 114 sqm were required to adjust to the site. Duplex apartments reduce up to a 70% the space used by the hallways. Double facade gives lighting to the inside, blocks the view from the outside, and works as a hand rail. Natural ventilation and illumination. Six floor green wall in central patio provides privacy to the building.

Nicolás San Juan – Benito Juárez, Federal District, Mexico

Posted in Built by Brittney Carter on September 10, 2014

nicolas  nicolas 2  nicols 3
Photography: Rafael Gao

Building Name: Nicolás San Juan
Architects: Taller 13 Arquitectura Regenerativa
Location: Benito Juárez, Federal District, Mexico
Project Architects: Patricio Guerrero, David Mandujano, Eduardo Palomino, Ruben Coxca, Belinda Garcia, Paulina Garcia, Luis Garcia, Miguel Mercado, Rafael Hop
Project Management: Elias Cattan, Yair Wolff, Allan Betech
Structure: Raul de Villafranca
Construction: Factor Eficiencia
Structural Engineering: Arco Radial
Site Co-cordinator: PCC Construcciones (Ing. Hilario Trejo)
Bamboo Specialist: Arq. Raul de Villafranca
Developer: Phi
Project Year: 2009

AE Interest: Exceptional environmental performance. Terraced urban gardens where food and ornamental plants are produced.  Program for waste management and recycling. Rainwater is collected by a cascade type system, treated in a treatment plant and reused in toilets and terraces. Interior walls of straw and frame of bamboo.

Edelweiss Residence – Katschberg, Austria

Posted in Built by Brittney Carter on September 10, 2014

edel  edelll edelwies
Photographs: Christian Wöckinger, Jens Weber
Image 2

Building Name: Edelweiss Residence
Architects: Matteo Thun & Partners
Location: Katschberg, Austria
Client: FMTG AG / Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
Architect In Charge: Oliver Hofmeister, Jens Seemueller
Project Manager Architecture: Bruno Franchi
Interior Design: Michael Catoir
Interior Designers: Sabrina Pinkes, Maren Weitz
Light Design: Simone Fumagalli
Area: 4000.0 sqm
Height: 1600 m
Year: 2009

AE Interest: Two identical layout, monolithic towers with different scales wrapped by round bodied diamond rhombus made from local larch wood that offers a variety of panoramic views. No new infrastructure for electricity or plumbing were necessary as the complex is connected to a nearby hotel that produces its own heat with a biomass generator fueled by waste-wood. Generous layouts with lines and forms that are clear and light provided by the use of natural materials.

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