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The Seventy-Six ā€” Albany, New York, U.S.

Posted in Built by Lucien (Frederik L.) Overweel on April 11, 2022

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Project: The Seventy Six
Location: 76 Second Avenue, South End, Albany, New York, U.S.

Developer: South End Development (SED) (CEO/Founder Corey Jones)
Sustainability Lead: South End Development (SED) & EnergyLink L.L.C. & Garrison Architects
Design Architect: Garrison Architects
Executive Architect: Garrison Architects
Structural Engineer: TBD
MEP Engineer: EnergyLink L.L.C. & TBD
Civil Engineer: TBD
Landscape Design: Garrison Architects
Lighting Consultant: TBD
Energy Consultant/Construction: EnergyLink L.L.C.

Status: In Progress
Total Area: 450,000 sq. ft.
Key Descriptor: World’s first triple net-zero (net-zero water, waste, and electricity) sustainable development featuring residential and mixed-use spaces

AE Interests: Passive house design (through orientation, shading, ventilation, etc.), modular construction (factory-built steel-brace-framed units with MEP built in), transformable spaces, sustainable systems, low energy lighting design, circular economy, triple net-zero (net zero-water, waste, and electricity), advanced MEP systems (flexible refrigerant flow), future-proof, solar energy (2,750 Mwh solar through monofacial and bifacial panels on roofs and car parks), urban wind energy, solar thermal water heating, sustainable materials, energy efficient (R-50 roof, triple-pane windows, R-38 walls, continuous insulation around modules), BTES borehole thermal energy storage, geothermal heat pumps, hydroelectric technology, insulation, rooftop water collection, on-site greywater and stormwater filtration, aquaponic natural water filtration, biophilic/natural design methods and materials, zero landfill (recycling, composting, incineration), project focuses on the advancement of society (environmental, social, and economic) while providing affordable housing and employment to the local area

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The Sustainable City ā€” Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Posted in Built by Lucien (Frederik L.) Overweel on April 10, 2022

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Project: The Sustainable City
Location: Al Qudra Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Developer: Diamond Developers (CEO Faris Saeed)
General Contractor: Jeet Building Contracting, L.L.C.
Sustainability Lead: Faris Saeed & Wassim Adlouni
Design Architect: Wassim Adlouni & Baharash Architecture
Executive Architect: Baharash Architecture
Structural Engineer: Diamond Developers
MEP Engineer: Diamond Developers
Civil Engineer: Faris Saeed
Landscape Design: Baharash Architecture
Lighting Consultant: Umaya Lighting
Energy Consultant/Construction: City Solar

Completion Date: 2015
Total Area: 46-hectares
Key Descriptor: Residential and mixed-use sustainable property development with 3,000 residents, spread across 500 villas, and 89 apartments

Video Tour: Link

AE Interests: Passive house design (through Northern orientation, shading, and a minimum reflective index of 78 on hardscaping), urban planning, reduced light pollution, sustainable systems, circular economy, zero-waste, advanced MEP systems (variable refrigerant flow), simple/smart construction (precast wall panels), modularity, future-proof, sustainable materials, evaporative cooling, energy efficiency, insulation, net-zero, construction waste reused, 10MW peak solar production, greywater filtration, biofiltration, biophilic/natural design methods, urban farming, larger buildings (such as the SEE Institute) are net energy positive (assisting the grid), project focuses on the advancement of society (environmental, social, and economic) while costing less than a traditional development project of this size

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