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Le Monde Group Headquarters- Paris, France

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on March 5, 2020


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Building:Le Monde Group Headquarters
Location: Paris, France
Architect: Snøhetta
Structural: Bollinger-Grohmann
Completion: Ongoing

AE Interests: Vaulted ceilings to represent flow, surface embedded with LEDs that can represent data or flow, building facade is a matrix of pixelated glass with varying transparencies that look more complex as you get closer – representing headlines and news stories

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Kuwait Ministry of Education Headquarters – South Surra District, Kuwait

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on March 5, 2020

002-Carousel-004-2018JG20-018  gulf-consult-Ministry-of-Education-HQ-8

gulf-consult-Ministry-of-Education-HQ-4    MinistryofEducation-Approach-02a-955x700@2x

Building: Kuwait Ministry of Education Headquarters
Location: South Surra District, Kuwait
Architect: CambridgeSeven
Engineering Design: Gulf Consult
Construction Supervision: Gulf Consult
Total Area: 1,460,000 square feet
Media Mesh Screen: 10 m x 20 m

AE Interests: Inspired by Kuwait’s history of ship building, The two forms look like two dhows passing at sea as you approach, Southeast and northwest facades louvered while northeast and southwest facades are smooth and shimmering, center serves as a public atrium

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Binhai Science Museum- Binhai,China

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on March 5, 2020

-_Featured_Image BTA_-_Tianjin_Exploratorium_-_Ground__201810-11 BTA_Tianjin-SECTION-LONG-1-100

Building: Binhai Science Museum
Location: Binhai, China
Architect: Bernard Tschumi Architects
Engineer: Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI)
Area: 355200 square feet
Completed: 2019

AE Interests: Design based on the industrial history of the area, central cone connects all spaces, open cones provide even natural lighting and move warm air in and out, perforated aluminum facade helps reduce solar gain, central cone acts as a solar chimney 


Huangshan Mountain Village – Huangshan Shi, China

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on November 26, 2019

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0344.JPG MAD_Huangshan_Mountain_Village_3_by_Laurian_Ghinitoiu_copy MAD_Huangshan_Mountain_Village_16_by_Fernando_Guerra

Building: Huangshan Mountain Village
Location: Huangshan Shi, China
Architect: MAD Architects
Executive Architects: HSarchitects
Interior Design: Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration
Landscape Design : Broadacre Source Landscape
Curtain Wall Design : Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd
Lighting Design : Shanghai Mofo Lighting
Completed: 2017

AE Interests: Designed to reflect the cultural importance of the Huangshan Mountains, each building is different in height and appearance in order to maintain the original mountain levels, want a new landscape where “architecture becomes nature, and nature dissolves into architecture”, creates a space where people can reconnect with nature on a spiritual level, organic shape of the buildings is in response to the topography around it.


Alila Yangshuo- Yangshou, Guilin, China

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on November 26, 2019

alila-yangshuo-vector-architects-gong-dong-resort-hotel-china_dezeen_hero2 alila-yangshuo-vector-architects-gong-dong-resort-hotel-china_dezeen_2364_col_4  alila-yangshuo-vector-architects-gong-dong-resort-hotel-china_dezeen_2364_col_0

Building: Alila Yangshou
Location: Yangshou, Guilin, China
Completion: 2017
Architect: Vector Architects
Structural: Zheng Wenzhao, Li Bo, Zhou Xianzhong
Lighting Consultants : Klaasen Lighting Design
Interior Design: Ju Bin, Horizontal Space Design
MEP: Sen Lin, Haijia Li, Fuliang Wei, Jiaorong He, Yu Gao / Shenzhen JS M&E Engineening Desing Co.Ltd
Area: 16,000 square meters

AE Interests: Sugar mill repurposed as hotel ,keeps consistent with the original industrial aesthetic, reflecting pool, sunken plaza, shear walls, hollow concrete blocks and cast-in place concrete used to keep new structure light and blend in with the old masonry, surrounded my mountains and faces the Li River so the main building has 3 main cave-like structures connected by a pathway to represent the interaction between man-made and the natural, caves located to visually connect with the mountainscape, perforated screens for natural ventilation and lighting and protects the building from the road, new buildings are simple in shape to not take away from the re-purposed sugar mill


Longfu Life Experience Center -Puyang,China

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on November 26, 2019

07东南侧__southeastern_side  14中庭_atrium  16个单元体的珑府生活体验中心实践_16_units_____Longfu_life_experience_center
Building: Longfu Life Experience Center
Location: Puyang,China
Completion: 2018
Architect:Luo Studio
Construction: Jia Mingzhong
Metal Processing Company: Henan Zhongyuan Antai New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
Area: 1588 square meters

AE Interests: Designed to not have functional constraints of spaces, general timber materials, clustered column, horizontal dodecahedron, vertical tree-shape, rapid assembly- 49 total workdays by dividing building into units and subdividing the work, “smart” cavity resembling human body, furniture is an extension of the structure, equipment and systems are integrated into the structure to minimize space, “universal space”, any part of the building can be modified, re-purposed, or removed based on need.

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