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Jade Signature – Miami, Florida, USA

Posted in Built by Jack Gallagher on April 5, 2021

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Building: Jade Signature
General Contractor: Suffolk
Design Architects: Herzong & de Meuron
Interior Designer: PYR & Pierre-Yves Rochon
Civil Engineering: VSN Engineering
Structural Engineer: McNamara & Salvia
MEP Engineer: Edwards & Zuck
Landscape Architect: Raymond Jungles Inc

AE Interests: This 636 foot tall residential tower is oriented on the beaches of Miami and designed to respect and represent just that. The tower is oriented diagonally and shaped like a parallelogram (seen in photo 4) to allow the beach to have maximum sun exposure while the sun is to the western side of the building. The overall design of the building is praised for its open nature design giving the overall feeling of a “hotel at the beach,” rather than the presence of a “beach at the hotel,” that is present with other structures in the area that obstruct the natural beauty of the landscape.

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Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center – Chicago, IL

Posted in Built by Jack Gallagher on April 5, 2021

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Developer: Public Building Commission of Chicago
General Contractor: Old Veteran Construction
Lead Design Firm: JGMA
Design Architect: Juan Moreno
Structural & MEP Engineer: Cannon Design
Civil Engineer: David Mason and Associates
Landscape Architect: Terry Guen Design
Lighting Consultant: Aurora Lighting Design

AE Interests: 
A complete remodel and repurposing project. This project takes an existing parking structure and creates a collaborative work space and pathway for students through campus. The buildings design allows onlookers to have a clear view into the manufacturing technology and exhibits the sophistication of the manufacturing practices of today.

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