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Clinton Presidential Library – Little Rock, Arkansas

Posted in Built by Hector Puente Castillo on November 8, 2017

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Building: William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Address: 1200 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201
Design Architect: James Polshek
Structural engineering: LERA
Civil Engineer: McClelland Consulting Engineers
Size: 153,779 SF
Completed: 2004

AE Interest: One of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly places to work in the United States [a]. First federal building to receive LEED Platinum rating [b]. To achieve such rating, the Clinton Presidential Library includes features such as an integrated pest management program, waste stream management and an ongoing indoor environmental quality (IEQ) [c].

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Telus Garden – Vancouver, Canada

Posted in Built by Hector Puente Castillo on November 8, 2017

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Building: Telus Garden (high-rise)
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Address:  510 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0M3, Canada
Design Architect: Gregory Henriquez of Henriquez Partners Architects
Structural engineering: Glotman Simpson
Developer: Westbank Corporation
Size: 1,000,000 SF
Completed: 2015

AE Interest: The office space and retail space are LEED Platinum, the residential space is LEED Gold [a]. It is Vancouver’s first LEED Platinum certified office tower and has the highest LEED score card ever submitted to the Canada Green Building Council [b]. It includes features such as a District Energy System (DES), which recycles heat from existing buildings and uses it to heat office and residential towers. Additionally it has the largest solar panel system in Vancouver and uses the power harnessed to power the exterior lighting [c].
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