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Suvarnabhumi Airport- Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Built by Caleb Holobaugh on January 31, 2011

Building: Suvarnabhumi Airport
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Completion: 2005
Architect: Murphy/Jahn
Structural Design: Werner Sobek Ingenieure
Building services: Flack and Kurtz Consulting Engineers
Acoustics: Laboratory for Optics and Dynamics, Dr. Blum
Climate Engineers: Transsolar

Deutsche Post AG Head Office- Bonn, Germany

Posted in Built by Caleb Holobaugh on January 31, 2011

Building: Deutsche Post AG head office
Location: Bonn, Germany
Completion: 2002
Architect: Murphy/Jahn
Structural engineer: Werner Sobek Ingenieure
Building physics: Horstmann und Berger
Building services: Brandi Consult
Artificial lighting: L-plan
Climate Engineers: Transsolar

Urban Forest – Chongqing, China

Posted in Proposed Design by Caleb Holobaugh on September 1, 2010

Building: Urban Forest
Location: Chongqing, China
Completion: Design-in-progress
Architect: MAD ltd
Engineer: ARUP group ltd

AE Interests: Steel and concrete city center, each floor has its own unique design, the building itself is structurally complex and visually seems unstable

Conrad Hotel – Beijing, China

Posted in Built by Caleb Holobaugh on August 31, 2010

Building: Conrad Hotel
Location: Beijing, China
Completed: Currently under construction
Architect: MAD inc
Engineer: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD)
Façade/cladding consultants: King General Engineering, SuP Ingenieure GmbH

AE interests: The façade gives Conrad Hotel an ambitious modern design and seems to be the focal point of the architecture

The Absolute Towers – Mississauga, Canada

Posted in Under Construction by Caleb Holobaugh on August 31, 2010

e875d-project1_screenshot2  absolutePlan+Aerial
1, 2

Building: The Absolute Towers
Location: Mississauga, Canada
Completion: Under Construction
Architect: MAD ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineers: ECE Group
Landscape Architects: NAK Design

AE Interests: Each level is rotated at different degrees from the level immediately below it, goal is to provide each residential unit a full 360 degree view, balcony is continuous on each level around entire building

MORE ABOUT: The Absolute Towers

Royal Danish Playhouse – Copenhagen, Denmark

Posted in Built by Caleb Holobaugh on August 31, 2010

Building: Royal Danish Playhouse
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Completed: 2008
Architect: Lundgaard & Tranberg
Engineer(s): COWI
Acoustics: Gade & Mortensen
Client: Det Kongelige Teater

AE Interests: Top level is completely supported by large expansive trusses and the exterior of this level is also clad in different shades of green glass, large oak promenade extends over the water, cubic stage tower in the center of the building is clad in copper to blend it with the Copenhagen skyline which has many copper domes and towers throughout

Arken Museum of Modern Art – Ishøj, Denmark

Posted in Built by Caleb Holobaugh on August 30, 2010

Building: Arken Museum of Modern Art
Location: Ishøj, Denmark
Completion: March 1996
Architect: Søren Robert Lund

AE Interests: Originally designed to be comparable to a ship with sails, tilted interior walls and ceilings, the exterior architecture and landscape intentionally blend together, the building itself is not a continuous structure but is made up of joined building portions, primary construction elements are concrete and steel

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