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8850 Sunset Boulevard – West Hollywood, California

Posted in Built by Ethan Hobbs on November 20, 2020

8850 use this  8850 backside (AEWM post 2)
Building: 8850 Sunset Boulevard
Location: West Hollwood, California
Architect: Morphosis
Structural Engineer: John A. Martin & Associates
MEP Engineer: Buro Happold
Landscape Architecture and Site Sustainability: KSA Design Studio
Construction: 2021-2023
AE Interest: Guided by WeHo Green Building Program Standards. Rooftop gardens and terraces. Expected LEED Gold. Draught-tolerant plantings that encourage a cooling microclimate.

Ssiger International Plaza Phase II

Posted in Built by Ethan Hobbs on March 12, 2020

SOM building (AEWM post3) SOM poolhouse SOM facade section
Project: Ssiger International Plaza Phase II
Location: Cixi City, China
Architect/Engineer: SOM
Completion: 2016
AE Interest: Vertical, copper cladded fin shading. Multi story sky bridges/lofts. Large wind breaks. Glazed roofs on sky lofts.

Réalimenter Masséna – Paris, France

Posted in Built by Ethan Hobbs on March 12, 2020

realimenter massena (AEWM, post 1) Realimenter Massena top view (AEWM, post 1) section (AEWM, post 1)

Building: Réalimenter Masséna
Location: Paris, France
Date: Expected in 2019, delayed
Architect: DGT Architects, Lina Ghotmeh – Architecture
Electrical Engineer: Engie Ineo
Facade Engineer: Bollinger + Grohmann
AE Interest: Response to nature. Takes us through the life cycle of plants and other vegetation. Houses experimental labs. Integrated vegetation. Goal is to create a food culture that displays life from seed to product to seed again.

Golden Ridge: Upper Cloister – Beijing/Chengde

Posted in Built by Ethan Hobbs on October 22, 2019

golden ridge  golden ridge inside  C:UsersAdministratorDesktop418出图5总平面图-JZ18041


Building: Golden Ridge – Upper Cloister
Location: Foot of the Great Wall : Beijing/Chengde
Architect: Atelier Deshaus
Design/Construction: 2016-Present

AE Interest: Site selection and planning in accordance to neighboring cities, views, and the Great Wall of China. Influenced by terraced farms, a common agricultural practice in Asia. Physical representation of the Chinese symbol “舍” in Zen Hall, where the symbol is split up into roof, beams and columns, and a base. Influenced by Foguang Temple.

Article: [a1]

Suzhou Chapel – Suzhou Shi, China

Posted in Built by Ethan Hobbs on October 22, 2019
suzhou-chapel suzhou-chapel-inside

Building: Suzhou Chapel
Location: Suzhou Shi, China
Architect: Neri & Hu
Completed: 2016

AE Interest: “Floating” white box. Folded metal skin which works with light to expose/hide interior. Subtly hides in nature, combining brick and light while also exposing an almost luminescent cube. Multi-faith space made to accommodate people of different beliefs. Layered design- perforated metal skin and sliced white wall underneath.

Article: [a1, a2]


Xiangmi Science Library – Shenzhen Shi, China

Posted in Built by Ethan Hobbs on October 22, 2019
xiangmi-lib xiangmi-lib-walk

Building: Xiangmi Park Science Library
Location: Shenzhen Shi, China
Architect: MLA+
Landscape Design: ZEN Landscape
Completed: 2017

AE Interest: Merges traditional Chinese architecture and contemporary architecture. Tree top walkways. Lightweight materials. Integrated with nature. Made to feel as if you are walking through trees.

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