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SkyVille – Singapore, Singapore

Posted in Built by Nicole Svetlov on June 17, 2021


Name: SkyVille
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Address: 86 Dawson Rd, Singapore 141086
Architectural Firm: WOHA
Civil & Structural Engineer: BECA Carter Hollings & Ferner
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Davis Langdon KPK
Main Contractor: Hor Kew Private Limited
Area: 316,372.85 sq.ft (29,392 sq.m)
Year of Completion: 2015

Award: Platinum Greenmark Rating

AE Interests: Sustainable Architecture, equipped with a solar power system on rooftop, utilizes daylighting, has a prefabricated design, jogging track is illuminated with a photovoltaic array(solar power), bordered by bioswale(ditches that collect, convey, and filter rainwater), SkyVille is naturally ventilated.

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EcoArk Pavillion – Taipei, Taiwan

Posted in Built by Nicole Svetlov on May 31, 2021

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Name: EcoArk Pavillion
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Architect and Structural Engineer: Arthur Huang
Architectural Firm: Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd
Client: Taipei Expo Park
Size: 345,600 sq.ft (six football fields)
Year of Completion: 2010

Award: The Earth Award 2010 Product Category

AE Interests: The EcoArk is the first fully functional and public structure made of Polli-Brick, is a steel structure covered with Polli-Brick panels, uses Miniwiz’s Polli-Brick Cladding System, it is estimated that the Polli-Brick assembly costs 1/4 of conventional systems, weighs 50% less than a conventional building, Polli-Brick Panels have an insulation value of R-12, 1.5 million recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles were used in the creation of the panels, low carbon footprint, designed to be disassembled and reassembled, utilizes water collected from rainstorms with an exterior waterfall

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3D Printed Urban Cabin – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Posted in Built by Nicole Svetlov on May 24, 2021

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Name: 3D Printed Urban Cabin
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Architect: DUS Architects
Contractor: Aectual
3D Printing: Aectual
Print Material Development: Henkel & Aectual
Size: 86.111 sq.ft.(8 sq.m.)
Year of Completion: 2015

AE Interests: Structural Optimization, Smart solutions for insulation and material consumption, is made out of a biodegradable plastic material that can be shredded and reused

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