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Beirut Terraces – Beirut, Lebanon

Posted in Under Construction by Sean Franks on March 28, 2018

Beirut_Terraces_1 Beirut_Terraces_3Beirut_Terraces_2

Building Name: Beirut Terraces
Address: Plot 1801 and Plot 1802, Block 18, Beirut Central District, Lebanon
Completion: 2016
Architect: Herzog and de Meuron
Executive Architect: Khatib & Alami
Project Architects: Tobias Winkelmann, Ursula Hürzeler
Planning Engineer: Hill International
Building Dimensions: Base: 216 x 216ft, Tower: 53,70m x 53,70m / 177 x 177ft
Height: 392ft

AE Interests: Five principles define the project: layers and terraces, inside and outside, vegetation, views and privacy, light and identity; The structure is carried by the core and a regular column-grid that spans up to 14.7 meters; [1] 160 floors of vertical layering.

Article: a1, a2.

(Edited March 2018 by Shijun Xu)

Porta Volta Fondazione Feltrinelli – Milan, Italy

Posted in Built by Sean Franks on August 29, 2011

Building Name: Porta Volta Fondazione Feltrinelli
Location: Milan, Italy
Completion: 2014
Architects: Herzog and de Meuron
Project Architects: Mateo Mori Meana, Thomasine Wolfensbergec
AE Interest: reflect Milanese history and tradition with its resemblance of a gate to the city, inspired by long linear Cascina buildings

Actelion Business Center – Allschwil, Switzerland

Posted in Built by Sean Franks on August 29, 2011

Building Name: Actelion Business Center
Location: Allschwil, Switzerland
Architect: Herzog and de Meuron, Stefan Marbach
Completed: 2010
Project Architects: Martin Fröhlich, Michael Fischer
Structural Engineering: WGG Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG, Basel, Switzerland
AE Interest: structured with series of k- and x-shaped bracers, spacing and arrangement of the structures allows for various views as well as the generation of courtyards and roof terraces, building focuses on a transparent work environment

Miami Art Museum – Miami, Florida, U.S.

Posted in Built by Sean Franks on August 29, 2011

Building Name: Miami Art Museum
Location: Miami, Florida
Architect: Herzog and de Meuron, Christine Binswanger
Project Architects: Kentaro Ishida, Charles Stone, Stefan Hörner
Executive Architects: Handel Architects
Completion: 2013
AE Interest: triples the old facility’s current space, integrates the out- and indoor experience of Florida with its hanging columns of plant life throughout the structure

Plaza de España – Canary Islands, Spain

Posted in Built by Sean Franks on August 29, 2011

Complex: Plaza de España
Location: Canary Islands, Spain
Client: Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Architects: Herzog & de Meuron
Completed: 2008
Photo Credit: Iwan Baan
AE Interest: features the past of the area while promoting a hopeful future, incorporates nature as the central theme

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