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Säynätsalo Town Hall – Säynätsalo, Finland

Posted in Built by Yanni Zhao on November 26, 2018


Building: Säynätsalo Town Hall
Location: Säynätsalo, Finland
Architect: Alvar Aalto
Construction: 1952

AE Interests: The town hall is a study in opposition: elements of classicism and the monumental blended with modernity and intimacy to form a cohesive new center-point for the community. Spider-like wooden trusses. Hollow wooden steps filled with dirt and grass. Built entirely of brick, including the loadbearing internal walls.

Original AEWM entry by Amanda Higbie

Hillside Terrace Complex I-VI – Tokyo, Japan

Posted in Built by Yanni Zhao on November 26, 2018



Building: Hillside Terrace Complex I-VI
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Architect: Fumihiko Maki (Maki & Associates)
Structural System:Reinforced Concrete
Structural Engineer:(ABC) Yamaki Structural Engineers,(DEFG) Aoki Structural Engineers
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer:(ABC) Sakurai Consultants, (DEFG) Sogo Consultants
Completion: 1967-1992

AE Interests: A result of spatial and architectural means – scale, transparency – and the programmatic development of public life

Articles: [1]

Tianjin Binhai Library – Tianjin, China

Posted in Built by Yanni Zhao on November 26, 2018


Building: Tianjin Binhai Library
Location: Tianjin, China

Architect: MVRDV
Co-Architect: Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI)
Lighting Designer: Huayi Jianyuan lighting design
Structural Engineer: Sanjiang Steel Structure Design
Interior Architect: TADI interior architects
Completion: 2017

AE Interests: Part of German architects GMP’s 120,000m2 masterplan, which aims to accentuate the characteristics of the surrounding districts. A junction point for the CBD, old town, residential districts, commercial areas and the government quarter.

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