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CMA CGM Headquarters- Marseille, France

Posted in Built by Tomas Garcia on May 12, 2020



Building: CMA CGM Headquarters
Location: Marseille, France
Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Structural: Ove Arup & Partners 
Completed: 2010
Area: 94,000 m^2
Facade: Ove Arup & Partners

AE Interests: The building is divided into two parts: the main tower, and the annex which is connected by a curved glass footbridge as an extension of the tower’s exterior. The tower’s structural columns define and are enclosed within, a double facade system that reflects these centripetal vectors, generating a dynamic symbiosis between a fixed structural core of this Head Office and its peripheral array of columns. The annex houses necessary all equipment for the tower to function such as IT equipment, generators, cooling units, boiler rooms, and technical installations.

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Sinan Books Poetry Store / Wutopia Lab – Shanghai, China

Posted in Built by Tomas Garcia on May 12, 2020


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Building: Sinan Books Poetry Store / Wutopia Lab
Location: Shanghai, China
Architects: Shengrui Pu, Mingshuai Li
Structural Consultant: Junfeng Yu
Completed: 2019
Area: 388 m^2

AE Interests: Wutopia Lab has completed Sinan books poetry store with the concept of ‘Church in church’, using 45 tons of steel in the historic site of St. Nicholas Church in Shanghai. The steel bookstore was built by 30 workers in 80 days. Workers must first cut 5mm steel plates into 128 standpipes, 640 large steel plates, and 2921 small steel plates for 23 layers of crossbars according to the drawings. After pre-assembled correctly outdoor, the pieces were moved inside and welded together.

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Al Sharq Tower – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Posted in Built by Tomas Garcia on May 12, 2020

alsharq4   alsharq2alsharq1   alsharq3


Building: Al Sharq Tower
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Architect: SOM
Structural: SOM
Design Completion: 2008
Site Area: 1,300 m2
Project Area: 146,785 m2
Number of Stories: 102
Building height: 367

AE Interests:  The project is conceived as a cellular structure of nine bundled tubes, allowing a height of 360 meters with a challenging aspect ratio of 1:10. Each 12-meter diameter tube, with an individual aspect ratio of 1:30, amplifies the notion of slenderness as the structural cables wrap around each tube’s perimeter, and tie back to the tower’s core concrete structure. The cable structure allows for a column-free floor plate, providing complete flexibility of unit configurations and maximizing views.

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Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies – Ningbo, China

Posted in Built by Tomas Garcia on November 21, 2019

lantern1 Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies,© Daniele Domenicali Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies,Diagram
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Architects: Mario Cucinella Architects
Area: 1300.0 sqm
Completion: 2008
Structural engineering: Luca Turrini
Project and Site Management; Chris Jagger, Charles Lee, Orlando Shi
On-site Implementation of Energy equipments and technologies: Prof. Jo Darkwa
Construction Management: WEG, Ningbo
MEP and lighting design: TiFS Engineers Srl.

AE Interests:
Facade made to mimic paper lanterns and different Chinese fan-shapes, folds in the facade create a dynamic outer shell, double skin facade made of glass and screen-printed patterns, exposed rooftop allows natural light to illuminate all floors, natural efficient ventilation from rooftop creating a flue effect, underfloor heating panels using geothermal energy.

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Yang Liping Performing Arts Center – Dali, Yunnan, China

Posted in Built by Tomas Garcia on November 21, 2019

Image result for yang liping performing arts centerImage result for yang liping performing arts center Zhu Pei · Yang Liping Performing Arts Center
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Building: Yang Liping Performing Arts Center
Location:  Dali, China
Architect: Studio Pei-Zhu
Structural Engineer Consultant: Professor Fu Xueyi
Façade Design Consultant: Shenzhen Dadi Facade Technology CO.
MEP Engineering Consultant: CCDI
Acoustic Consultant: China IPPR International Engineering CO.

cantilevered rectangular roof spans over open landscape underneath, flow for people to explore the indoor and outdoor space, the roof reflects the surrounding landscape and its curvature, overhanging canopy roof creates an interior plaza

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Digital Beijing – Beijing, China

Posted in Built by Tomas Garcia on November 21, 2019

Image result for digital beijing building      Image result for digital beijing buildingImage result for digital beijing building
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Building: Digital Beijing
Location: Beijing Olympic Park, Beijing China [map]
Architect: Pei Zhu
Structural Engineer Consultant: China Institute Building Standard Design & Research 
Area: 98,000 square meters
Construction: 2005 – 2007

 The 57-meter tall building was designed to have a north and south elevation resembling a barcode, while the east and west facades were made to look like a circuit board. The building was designed to be viewed as four disconnected blocks, but actually, are connected in a large central area. Digital Beijing also uses reinforced concrete and a steel frame.

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