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Poly International Plaza – Beijing, China

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on March 9, 2020

PolyIntlPlaza_Photo©BruceDamonte_04 EXPLODED_WALL_finalPoly_International_Plaza_Exploded_axon_EDIT_labeled




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Building: Poly International Plaza
Location: Beijing, China
Architect: SOM
Architect of Record: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Structural Engineer: SOM
MEP Engineer: WSP Flack + Kurtz
Main Contractor: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.
Façade: Jangho Group Co., Ltd.
Completion: 2016

AE Interests: #31 tallest building in Beijing, pre-certified as LEED Silver under the LEED v3 Core and Shell, project site comprises a main tower with two smaller supporting towers, landscaping covers garage ramps and egress stairs creating tranquil topography, diagrid pattern with jewel-like faceting, exoskeleton structural system that forms an outer thermal envelope around the office spaces which are enclosed within a second glazed interior envelope, column-free work environment, highly sustainable architectural/mechanical approach to address the climatic and air quality challenges in Beijing.

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160 Leroy – Manhattan, New York, USA

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on March 9, 2020

Capture  dfg houstonmarquis_0009_420_PP_130910_bsa-images_Part3

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Building: 160 Leroy
Location: Manhattan, New York, USA
Architect: Herzog and de Meuron
Construction Management: Gorton & Partners
Mechanical Engineering: ADS
Structural Engineering: DeSimone
Façade Consultant: GMS
Completion: 2017

AE Interests: 12-floor residential building, curved concrete and glass façade, diamond faceted floor-to-ceiling, triple glazed, and insulated windows that reflect the sky and the water, windows are sound rated to 40 DB for 100% exterior noise reduction, elevator banks placed throughout the building, glass walls blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors, the entire building is on top of a plinth above the flood plane, integrates structure, façade, and space through glass and concrete.

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City Center Tower – Manila, Philippines

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on March 9, 2020

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4_Diagram_showing_the_change_in_the_building_skin_when_the_parabola_leaves_its_impression_on_the_Tower               5_Exploded_axonometric_showing_how_the_parabolic_indentation_creates_a_secondary_network_of_public_terraces_on_the_extension_of_the_City_Center_Tower


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Building: City Center Tower
Location: Manila, Philippines
Architect: CAZA 
Structural Engineer: R.S. Ison & Associates
MEP Engineer: Isagani M. Martinez Consulting Engineers; RGJ Electrosystem Consultants Inc.
General Contractor: Manny Sy Associates
Completion: 2016

AE Interests: 27-story-tall mixed-use building featuring three floors of commercial retail and dining space
while also serving as the corporate offices for several prominent international companies, iconic wave-like façade, spacious elevated parking areas that align with a functional cooling tower that
accommodates a passive cooling system, double height lobby, lofted rooftop restaurant.

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Xinjin Zhi Museum – Chengdu, China

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on November 18, 2019


Sayama Lakeside Cemetery Community Hall – Saitama, Japan

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on November 18, 2019

Cloud of Luster Chapel – Himeji, Japan

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on November 18, 2019
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