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Harbin Grand Theatre – Harbin, China

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on December 4, 2019

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Building: Harbin Grand Theatre
Location: Harbin, China
Completion: Under Construction
Architects: MAD Architects
Associate Engineer: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD)
Structural Engineer: Inhabit Group, China Jingye Engineering Co., Ltd
Mechanical Engineer: Chinese PLA General Armament Institute of Engineering Design
Acoustics: Zhanggui Acoustics Research Institute of Shanghai Modern Design Group
AE Interests: Theater and cultural center, custom-made pure white aluminum cladding, skylight for natural daylight, while white stone and concrete are used as part of the structural walls. Contains a wooden structure within the building to create optimal acoustics, blends well with nature.
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Foundation Luis Vuitton – Paris, France

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on July 15, 2015

luis vuitton1 luis vuitton2

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Building: Foundation Luis Vuitton
Location: Paris France
Completion: 2014
Architect: Gehry Partners, Frank Gehry
General Contractor: VINCI Construction
MEP  and Civil Engineer: Setec Batiment

AE Interests: Gives the impression of movement with curved glass panels, no concrete pillars, steel girders protrude out at variety of angles, panels for the white blocks are white fiber reinforced concrete, glass saves energy with a silk filter printed on the panels (reflects half of the exterior light) supported by wooden beams, fastenings allow for movement, deep foundation accounts for overhangs and imbalances to wind

Santa Caterina Market renovation – Barcelona, Spain

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on July 6, 2015

catarina  caterina


Building: Santa Caterina Market renovation
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Completion: 2005
Architect: Enric Miralles / Benedetta Tagliabie EMBT
General Structural Engineer: Robert Brufau
Roof Engineer: Jose María Velaso
Housing Engineer: Miquel Llorens
Ceramic Manufacturer: Toni Cumella

AE Interests: Eccentric new roof flying over the walls of a neoclassical market, irregular arches with interior wood cladding and center bracing. It was an attempt by the city authorities to control complexity in the area’s development. The architects consolidated what had been the broken, irregular path of the unrealized avenue, in contrast to the urban-scale order that would have been imposed over the winding maze of medieval streets.

Limoges Concert Hall – Limoges, France

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on June 27, 2015

limoges 4   limoges3 limoges france


Building: Limoges Concert Hall
Location: Limoges, France
Completion: 2007
Architect: Bernard Tschumi Architects
Local Architect: Atelier 4
Structural Engineers: Technip TPS
Acoustics: CIAL

AE Interests: Double envelope: an outer skin made of wood arcs and translucent rigid poly-carbonate sheets and an inner acoustical envelope of locally grown Douglas fir, meant to filter light, heat and acoustics. A good example of energy conservation and use of renewable materials.

Antalya Tower – Antalya, Turkey

Posted in Proposed Design by Annabel Cook on June 23, 2015

tower   section 2
 section from top 2  section from top

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Building: Antalya Tower
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Completion: To be finished by 2016
Architects: NITA (Nitelikli Tasarımlar Atölyesi)
Structural Engineers: Yapı Statik Proje
Mechanic: TSO
Electric: KEY
Facade Consultant: Guvendiksoy Facade Consultancy

AE Interests: Tripartite in form, viewing decks tapering into a single shaft at the building’s base, concrete service core which provides rigidity against on-site wind forces, facade also designed against strong winds

2 World Trade Center (2 WTC) – New York, New York

Posted in Proposed Design by Annabel Cook on June 23, 2015

world trade center 2    world trade 2


Building: 2 World Trade Center (2 WTC)
Location: New York, New York
Completion: Proposed Design
Architects:  BIG
Partners In Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen
Project Manager: Ute Rinnebach
Structural Engineers: N/A

AE Interests: Manhattan’s third-tallest building if built today, responds to both low and high rise, mix-use spaces, maximizes buildable space

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ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2012 – Stuttgart, Germany

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on June 16, 2015


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Building: ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Completion: 2012
Architects:  University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Structural Engineers: Institute for Computational Design (ICD) and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) at the University of Stuttgart

AE Interests: Double curved shape pavilion, entirely robotically fabricated from carbon and glass fiber composites, directional stress distributions with unidirectional layer structure,  anisotropic fiber for directed load transfer, fiber optic sensors continuously monitor the stress and strain variations

Glacier Skywalk – Jasper, Canada

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on June 11, 2015

   glacier skywalk2

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Building: Glacier Skywalk
Location: Jasper, Canada
Completion: 2014
Architects: Sturgess Architecture
Structural Engineer: Read Jones Christoffersen Consulting Engineers
Construction: PCL Construction Manegement, Inc

AE Interests: Cantilevered corten steel and glass structure, parabola shaped, trapezoidal box girders supported at the cliff, then extended curved end is cable supported

Ribbon Chapel – Hiroshima, Japan

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on June 11, 2015



Building: Ribbon Chapel
Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Completion: 2013
Architects: NAP Architects
Structural Engineers: Ove Arup & Partners Ltd, S structure

AE Interests: Free standing chapel, use of titanium zinc alloy, a three-dimensional brace and hoop effect for resisting horizontal and outward forces, pendulum-type base isolation, overhang-type tuned mass damper (TMD), dot point glazing (DPG) arms

Sejong Art Center – Seoul, South Korea

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on June 9, 2015

arts theator sejong art

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Building: Sejong Art Center (SAC)
Location: Naseong-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Completion: March 2013
Architects: DMP (Designcamp Moonpark) Partners
Structural Engineer: I’ST
Mechanical Engineer: HIMEC
Civil Engineer: Daekyo E&C
Electrical : Jung Woo Eng.
Acoustics: ad&c

AE Interests: Multi-theater center, best acoustic quality using SAR (Source Selective Absorbtion & Reflection), long span roof for open entrance

Sejong Center for Performing Arts – Sejong, South Korea

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on June 9, 2015

sejong sejong2

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Building: Sejong Center for Performing Arts
Location: Sejong, South Korea
Completion: 2013
Design Architect: Asymptote Architecture
Local Architect: EGA
Structural Engineer: Knippers Helbig

AE Interests:  Performing Arts Center, complex interior theater, intricate pattern of louvers, curved roofs.

River Culture Pavilion (ARC) – Daegu, South Korea

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on June 2, 2015

Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 11.54.58 PM  arc  Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 11.59.29 PM
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Building: River Culture Pavilion (ARC)
Location: Daegu, South Korea
Completion: June 2012
Design Architect: Asymptote Architecture
Local Architect: EGA
Structural Engineer: Knippers Helbig

AE Interests:  Multimedia theater pavillion, complex form integrated with landscape, ETFE plastic pillows, man-made peninsula, part of World Expo 2012.

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Graz Central Station – Graz, Austria

Posted in Under Construction by Annabel Cook on May 27, 2015

graz  graz2  section graz

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Building: Graz Central Station
Location: Graz, Austria
Completion: Under Construction
Architect: Zechner & Zechner
Structural Engineer: Zenkner Consulting Engineer
Concrete Engineer: Schimetta Consult Ziviltechniker

AE Interests: dynamic curved roof system, long two-span beam, reflects natural light, LED atmospheric lighting system for evening, prefabricated steel structure

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Surrey City Centre Library – Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Posted in Built by Annabel Cook on May 16, 2015

centre library    


Building: Surrey City Centre Library
Location: Surrey, British Columbia
Completion: 2011
Architect: Bing Thom Architects
Structural Engineer: Fast + Epp
Civil Engineer: CitiWest Consulting Ltd.
Construction: Stuart Olson Dominion
Mechanical Engineer: AME Consulting Group
Electrical Engineer: Applied Engineering Solutions
Geotechnical Engineer: Trow Consulting Engineers

AE Interests: sloped walls, complex interior space, concrete frame, flexible plan for future expansion

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