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Kingsgate Bridge – Durham, England, U.K.

Posted in Built by Alex Pena on February 1, 2011

Building: Kingsgate Bridge
Location: Durham, England
Completion: 1966
Structural Engineer: Arup

Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain

Posted in Under Construction by Alex Pena on September 12, 2010

sagrFam  Sagrada_Familia_nave_roof_detail
1, 2

Building: Sagrada Familia
Location: Plaça de la Sagrada Família, Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Completion: 2026
Architect: Antoni Gaudi
Structural Engineer: Antoni Gaudi

AEInterests: Parabolic and catenary arches, Gothic structure, interior constructed of reinfoced concrete.

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Torre Huerta – Valencia, Spain

Posted in Proposed Design by Alex Pena on August 31, 2010

Structure: Torre Huerta/Sociopolis
Location: Valencia, Spain
Completion: In Progress
Co-architect: MG arquitectos
Landscape architect: Copijn, Utrecht
Structural Engineer: GIA, grupo de ingenierias y arquitectura

AEInterests: 5 apartments on each floor arranged around a central core; every apartment has its own terrace with a tree; Solar cells and the water tank located on roof.

Celosia Housing- Madrid, Spain

Posted in Built by Alex Pena on August 31, 2010

Structure: Celosia Housing
Location: Sanchinarro, Madrid, Spain
Completion: 2009
Architect: MVRDV
Co-architects: Blanca Lleó asociados, Madrid, Spain
Structural Engineer: Estudio José Luis de Miguel, Madrid ES
Technical architect: Apartec Colegiados S.L. Madrid ES; Enrique Gil
Constructor: BEGAR, Madrid ES

AEInterest: Six-story-high blocks; blocks of houses seen as separate prefabricated figures; blocks positioned in checkerboard pattern leaving openings for gardens in between.

Market Hall – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Posted in Under Construction by Alex Pena on August 30, 2010

Structure: Market Hall
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands [Advancements can be seen at Blaak Market]
Completion: 2014
Architect: MVRDV
Co-architect: INBO, Netherlands
Structural Engineer: D3BN/ DHV, The Hague, Netherlands: Maurice Hermens

AEInterests: Sustainable combination of food, leisure, living and parking; shaped by arch of apartments; interior of arch covered in lcd technology; flexible suspended glass facade.

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City Sofa – Busan, South Korea

Posted in Proposed Design by Alex Pena on August 30, 2010

Structure: City Sofa
Location: Busan, South Korea
Status: Design [2005]
Architect: MVRDV
Co-architect: Junglim Architecture
Engineer: ARUP (Beijing /Hong Kong). Rory McGowan , J Kerry

AEInterest: Adjacent to future media industry environment; clear functional zones positioned in a series of ‘boxes’ that allow for independent usage; urban open air cinema on top.

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Villa VPRO – Hilversum, The Netherlands

Posted in Built by Alex Pena on August 30, 2010

Structure: Villa VPRO Offices
Location: Media Park, Sumatralaan 49, 1217 GP, Hilversum Noord, The Netherlands
Completion: 1997
Architect: MVRDV
Structural Engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Haarlem and Arup & Partners
Constructor: Voormolen Bouw BV, Rotterdam

AEInterests: Variety of window materials, shapes, and sizes; story high sliding elements giving most offices access to a garden, patio or balcony.

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