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Foundation Louis Vuitton – Paris, France

Posted in Under Construction by Julian Park on August 28, 2009

park  Vitton  constructionwork
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Building:  Foundation Louis Vuitton
Location:  Paris, France (Jardin d’Acclimatation)
Completed: 2014
Architect:  Gehry Partners, LLP
Consultants: Gehry Technologies
Executive Architect: Studios Architecture
Mep Engineer: Setec Batiment
Lighting: L’Observatoire International / Ingelux
Civil Engineer: Setec Bâtiment
Building Façade Consultant: RFR/TESS
Acoustical Engineer (Base Building): LAMOUREUX
Sustainable Building Consultants: S’PACE / TERAO
General Contractor: VINCI Construction

AE Interests: laminated wood + steel structure, complex form, sustainability

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