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Portland Aerial Tram – Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Posted in Built by Michelle Gilhousen on December 11, 2012

tram1 tram2

Building: Portland Aerial Tram
Location: Portland, Oregon
Status: Completed 2006
Architect: Angelil/Graham/Pfenninger/Scholl (AGPS Architecture)
Structural Engineer: Arup
Facade Engineering Specialist: Dewhurst MacFarlane and Partners

AE Interests: a freestanding tower serves as the upper station, holds 1 million pounds of tram cars and cables, tram cars made of the coarsest available expanded-aluminum mesh gives shimmering effect of cars, required extensive wind testing, towers made of high tech wood laminates, tram cars go over Portland’s oldest national historic district, two parks, 13 streets, and 8 freeway lanes.

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