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The Round Tower House – England, U.K.

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Round-Tower-HouseRound-Tower-House courtyardRound-Tower-House aerial viewRound-Tower-House skylight

Building: The Round Tower
Location: Gloucestershire, England
Completion: 2012
Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
Main Contractor: GL50 Properties
Concrete Contractor: Stallard Construction
Architect: De Matos Ryan

AE Interests: Having suffered aging, neglect and fire, the original castle tower and subterranean dungeon were salvaged to create a medieval/contemporary hybrid residence. Naturally lit and ventilated by the open-air courtyard, this underground villa features glass-walled rooms, sun terrace, and an outdoor pool. The central interior feature is the round skylight that illuminates the interior while reflecting the circular design of the turret above. The substantial thermal mass of the concrete walls help regulate interior temperatures, proving that preserving the past while fostering innovation is the greatest strength of projects such as this.


Written by Christopher Lawrence

February 22, 2013 at 3:51 pm

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