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Edelweiss Residence – Katschberg, Austria

Posted in Built by Brittney Carter on September 10, 2014

edel  edelll edelwies
Photographs: Christian Wöckinger, Jens Weber
Image 2

Building Name: Edelweiss Residence
Architects: Matteo Thun & Partners
Location: Katschberg, Austria
Client: FMTG AG / Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
Architect In Charge: Oliver Hofmeister, Jens Seemueller
Project Manager Architecture: Bruno Franchi
Interior Design: Michael Catoir
Interior Designers: Sabrina Pinkes, Maren Weitz
Light Design: Simone Fumagalli
Area: 4000.0 sqm
Height: 1600 m
Year: 2009

AE Interest: Two identical layout, monolithic towers with different scales wrapped by round bodied diamond rhombus made from local larch wood that offers a variety of panoramic views. No new infrastructure for electricity or plumbing were necessary as the complex is connected to a nearby hotel that produces its own heat with a biomass generator fueled by waste-wood. Generous layouts with lines and forms that are clear and light provided by the use of natural materials.

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