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Phoenix International Media Center – Beijing, China

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Phoenix Int Media Center 4  Pheonix Int Media Center 1  phx01  phoIN  phoeStruct
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Building: Phoenix International Media Center
Location: Beijing, China
Architect: Shao Weiping of BIAD UFo
Structural Engineers: Shu Weinong, Zhu Zhongyi, Zhou Sihong, Zhang Shizhong, Shen Zhenkai, Wang Yi, Bu Longgui
Contractor: Beijing Tianrun Construction Co.
Steel Structure: Jiangsu Huning Steel Mechanism Co.
Interior Design: SAKO Architects
Completed: 2014

AE Interest: Each structural steel member is a continuous loop along the cross-section, tied at the base and secured at the top by a service bridge that acts as a counter-balance to wind forces. Fixed to this structure, is the overlapping facade which doubles as the frame for the glazing and the housing for the MEP.

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Written by Jonah Wolf

September 10, 2014 at 1:52 pm

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