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Administrative Complex on Varshavskaya Street – St.Petersburg, Russia

Posted in Proposed Design by Derek Jahelka on September 2, 2015

Office complex at Varshavskaya St. 1  Office complex at Varshavskaya St. 2  moscovskaya-zastava-building-a170913-4  

Building: Administrative Complex on Varshavskaya Street
Location: Varshavskaya St., St.Petersburg, Russia
Architect: Architectural Bureau A.Len
Project Manager: S.Oreshkin
Project Chief Architect: R.Andreeva
Project Chief Engineer:A.Vainer
Completed: Proposed Design (2013)

AE Interests: Internal terraced atrium,  textured metal patterned facades, varying office building height to create terraced effect, stained glass designs in atrium and first floor glazing give feeling of “lightness” to complex, large cantilever over street level

Article 1, Article 2

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