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MUSE Museo delle Scienze – Trento, Italy

Posted in Built by Crystal Govea on September 4, 2015

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Building: MUSE Museo delle Scienze (Museum of Science)
Location: Trento, Italy
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Structure Consultant: Riccardo Giovannelli
MEP Engineers: Manens Intertecnica, GAE Engineeringr
Contractor: Colombo Costruzioni
Lighting Designer: Piero Castiglioni
Completion: 2013

AE Interests: Built on the brownfield site of a former Michelin tire manufacturing plant, LEED Gold, among the winners of the 2013 CasaClima Awards, photovoltaic panels and geothermal probes, sophisticated automatic brisesoleil and curtain system driven by temperature and solar radiation sensors, rainwater collection tank that reduces hydro water by 50%, uses local resources such as Italian bamboo.

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