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Place of Remembrance, Lima, Peru

Posted in Built by Cade Osborne on September 12, 2015

CP-BarclayCrousse-LdlM-1249  CP-BarclayCrousse-LdlM-1040 CORTE_LONGITUDINAL_actua

Building: Place of Remembrance
Location: Lima, Peru
Architects: Barclay & Crousse
Structural Engineer: Ing. Raul Rios
Contractor: ALTESA
Project Year: 2013

AE Interests: In memory of Peru’s recent violent past during the 1980’s. Form integrated into surrounding landscape, floor made from materials of the cliffs, designed to protect from noise pollution by creating openings near cliff walls, envelope material is prefabricated reinforced concrete panels with cobbles. Rectilinear and angular form.

Coordinates: -12.110053, -77.053789


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