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Amager Resource Center – Copenhagen, Denmark

Posted in Built by Megan Nguyen on September 7, 2016

  70023  ARC_Smoke-Ring-Generator_Diagram-by-BIG---Bjarke-Ingels-Group_06_original

Building: Amager Resource Center
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect: BIG Architects
Structural and Facade Engineer: AKT, MOE
Landscape: Topotek, Man Made Land
Construction Manager: NCC Construction A/S, Ed. Züblin AG, Hosena
Size: 1.02 million sf building; 344,500 sf roof and slope
Currently under construction; scheduled to be completed by 2017

AE Interests:
1,500 m long ski run, Denmark’s first ski slope, waste-to-energy treatment plant, 60 megawatt power station fueled by city’s garbage [a], emits a giant smoke ring when one ton of CO2 is accumulated, and projects a pie chart of the quote of fossil CO2 with a heat tracking laser light [b].

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