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Lowara Offices – Montecchio, Italy

Posted in Built by Ryan Boehm on September 7, 2016

lowara 1  lowara 3  lowara 2  lowara 4
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Building: Lowara Offices
Location: Montecchio, Italy
Address: Via Vittorio Lombardi, 14 36075
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Structural Consultant: Favero & Milan
Size: 17.5 m by 120 m (57 ft by 394 ft)
Completion: 1986

AE Interest: catenary curve (lightweight roof, helps alleviate noise problems), aerodynamic form allows micro-climate to be maintained [a], structure clearly visible (front support stands determine window shape, raised foundations seen in decorative floor pattern, corrugated iron roof painted and used as interior) [b]
[a (below), b]

Article + More Pictures: [a]


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