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Miu Miu Aoyama – Tokyo, Japan

Posted in Built by destinygamble88 on September 7, 2016

MiuMiu_5  20160312_170000 side_view  Miu_Miu_Aoyama_09

Building:  Miu Miu Aoyama
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Architect:  Herzog & De Meuron
Executive Architect:  Takenaka Corp.
Structural Engineer:  Takenaka Corp.
M+E Engineer:  Takenaka Corp.
Construction Manager:  Takenaka Corp.
Facade Engineering:  Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG
Building Footprint: 2,895 sf
Completed:  2014

AE Interest:
ArchDaily Building of the year (2016) for commercial architecture; thought provoking facade: sharp steel panels lined with soft, perforated, rounded copper; opaque windows impose reflection; roof becomes a canopy that masks the building except for in a few places; canopy juts out from building; cultural message at play: calm and welcoming interior juxtaposes sharp reflective exterior [a]

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