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Paper Partition System – Various Location

Posted in Built by tiffyxwang on September 7, 2016

Inside  construction  Gym
[1, 2 ,3]

Project: Paper Partition System 4
Location: Various
Architects: Shigeru Ban
Completed: 2011
(Built by Shigeru Ban Architects Voluntary Architecs’ Network)

AE Interest: disaster relief. Paper tubes and canvas curtains. Fast and easy assembly and disassembly. Easy transported materials.Functionality, simplicity, easy to build, easy to replace, low impact on environment. [a] The evacuees of the great Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. They first suffer from the lack of privacy and high density, which cause damages both mentally and physically. This project was the resolution to the problem, providing privacy. 1,800 individual units of PPS paper partition system were assembled in 50 provisional shelters for evacuees after by the disaster.3 [b]
[a, b]

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