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Pacific Place – Queensway, Hong Kong

Posted in Built by mmurphy18 on September 9, 2016

pacific-place-1  pacific-place-2  pacific-place-3
[1, 2, 3]

Building:  Pacific Place
Location: Queensway, Hong Kong
Address: 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
Architect: Wong and Ouyang, LTD
Lead Designer: Heatherwick Studio
Design Consultant & Engineer: HDA
Size: 650,000 sm (6,997,000 sf)

AE Interest: restaurant features terrace ribbons intertwined with structural columns [a]; four mixed-used towers on four-floor shopping mall [b]; reduced energy use through clever uses of glass to provide natural glass [b]; heavy use of natural wood and stone [b]; elimination of angular edges to remove the previously dated look [c]

Sources: [a, b, c]

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