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Green Office Spring – Paris, France

Posted in Built by Alicia Yuan Cai on November 9, 2017

green-office-nanterre_691_3  spring-2  10- Terrasse A
[1, 2, 3]

Building: Green Office Spring
Location: Paris, France
Architect: Quadri Fiore
Urban Developer: SEMNA
Completion: 2017

AE interest:
The first building in the world to obtain an Outstanding rating in the design phase under 2009 BREEAM; a High Performance score for 7 HQE targets: integration, worksite, energy,  water waste, maintenance, and water quality; positive-energy building; natural light and thermal comfort; rainwater recovery system; 6,500 square meter of rooftop photo-voltaic panels; Building Management System (BMS) [a]

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