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Rooftop Remodeling Falkestrasse – Vienna, Austria

Posted in Built by albarranmitch on September 24, 2018

rooftop remodel pucture 1  rooftop remodel image 2  roof top remidel image 3

Building: Rooftop Remodeling Falkestrasse
Location: Vienna, Austria
Architect: Coop Himmelb(l)au
Structural Engineer: Oskar Graf
Completion: Took one year to complete, finished on December 23, 1988
Client: Law Firm Schuppich, Spork, Winischhofer 

AE Interests:
Open glazed surfaces; space creating taut arc; Closed, folded or linear surfaces of the outer shell control the light and allow or restrict the view; Construction site 21 meters above the ground

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