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Frederick C. Robie House – Chicago, Illinois

Posted in Built by Taryn Cook on September 28, 2018

1910  dsc_01151    robie-house-1910-chicago-illinois-frank-lloyd-wright-150th-birthday_dezeen_2364_col_5  1518px-Frederick_C._Robie_House,_5757_Woodlawn_Avenue,_Chicago,_Cook_County,_IL_HABS_ILL,16-CHIG,33-_(sheet_5_of_14)
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Building Name: Frederick C. Robie House
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
Builder: H. B. Barnard Company
Completion: 1910

AE Interests: prairie school, double-wythe masonry, iron-spotted Roman brick, cantilever roof, structural steel

Articles: [1]

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