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111 West 57th Street – New York City, New York

Posted in Built by Gregory Brooks on November 3, 2018

aerial2 111westplanobliqueExt  Section

111westFloorPlan  tunedmassdamper111  111constr

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Building: 111 West 57th Street – New York City, New York
Architect: SHoP Architects
Structural Engineer: WSP
Construction/Developer: JDS Development Group + Property Markets Group
Completion: 2019

AEInterests: 1:24 slenderness ratio.  82 floors. 435m tall (1427 feet). Lateral stability via tuned mass damper, concrete core, shear walls, outrigger and belt systems.

Articles: 1,
Video: 1 (architect & engineer)
Silvian Marcus, director of building structures at WSP



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