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The Museum of Islamic Art – Doha, Qatar

Posted in Built by Kristen Rioux on November 8, 2018

Museum-of-Islamic-Art-and-fountains   videoblocks-inside-view-of-the-iconic-museum-of-islamic-art-building-timelapse-hyperlapse-the-mia-is-located-on-an-artificial-peninsula-on-the-doha
the-museum-of-islamic-art-on-the-corniche-in-the-evening-in-doha-qatar   museum of islamic art 4

Building: The Museum of Islamic Art
Location: Doha, Qatar
Architect: IM Pei
Structural Engineers: LERA Consulting Structural Engineers
Completed: 2008

AE Interests: cream colored limestone, geometric in form, domed atrium, oculus at the top of the atrium reflects patterns of light, the only major window stands 45 meters tall and gives a view of the Gulf and West Bay area

Articles: [1,2]

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