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Larkin Company Administration Building – Buffalo, New York, USA

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Larking-Building-1-1068x830  Larkin Interior  Plan  Interior Larkin
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Building Name: Larkin Company Administration Building
Location: Buffalo, New York
Construction Dates: 1902-1906
Building Destroyed: 1950
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
Ornamentation Sculptor: Richard Bock

AE Interests: 76 foot tall skylit courtyard, egyptian-like piers, steel-frame structure covered with red brick and pink mortar to maintain monolithic style, glass ceiling with efficient skylights, innovations in air conditioning (one of the first air conditioned office building in the world), stained glass windows, built-in furniture, and suspended toilets.

Articles: [1, 2]

Videos: [1]

Written by Cole Sims

November 9, 2018 at 1:47 am

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