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Sesc Pompéia – São Paulo, Brazil

Posted in Built by Alicia Sim on November 13, 2018

Sesc Pompeia exterior     Sesc pompeia detailing

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Building: Sesc Pompéia
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Architect: Lina Bo Bardi 

Construction: 1977-1986
AE Interests: This is a major renovation of an existing factory into a community center, with an addition of 2 vertical buildings attached by walkways. A “Sesc” is a facility for leisure, education, sports, and cultural activities. A major element on the outside of the buildings are the red screened irregular windows, which the architect relates to “Spanish civil war hole.” The water tower is cast in place concrete using an “oozing joint” technique that you can see in the finished façade. The original drum factory was one of the first examples of reinforced concrete being used. There are eight pre-stressed concrete walkways that span gaps up to 25 meters. Bardi also wanted an inviting “street face” to draw the public in to use the space. 

Articles: [1, 2]

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