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Fletcher Hotel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Posted in Built by Madison L Smith on November 15, 2018



Building: Fletcher Hotel
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Architects: Benthem Crouwel Architects  
Structural Engineer: Van Rossum
Facade Engineer: Octatube
Fire Suppression: Mariof
Building Physics: moBius consult
Contractor: Strukton
Interior Design: Robert Kolenik
Completion: 2013

AE interests: In order to reduce the total weight of the building, the partitions between rooms were fit with light structural steel trusses. The hotel was built in a very noisy area, right next to the A2, which is one of the busiest highways, the glass facade that hangs on the outside also creates a lot of noise. To fix these problems, they designed a glass reinforced polyester (GRP) interior facade that blocks out all noise and keeps the heat load from the sun low.
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