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Mjøstårnet – Brumunddal, Norway

Posted in Built by Maddey Collins on October 24, 2019

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Building: Mjøstårnet
Location: Brumunddal, Norway
Architect: Voll Arkitekter
Builder: AB Invest AS
Contractor: HENT AS
Subcontractor (Structural Timbers): Moelven Limtre 
Year: 2019

AE Interests:
World’s current tallest timber-framed building (280′ tall). Nicknamed “Plyscraper”, built almost entirely out of wood. Sustainably built by using local renewable resources. Wood naturally stores CO2 throughout it’s life, which contributes to it’s sustainability. Designed to withstand a complete burnout. Almost all interior structural timber left exposed to contribute to interior design

Articles: 1, 2, 3

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