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HKSAR Government Headquarters – Hong Kong, China

Posted in Built by Josefina Roman on October 31, 2019

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Building: HKSAR Government Headquarters
Location: 2 Tim Mei Ave, Admiralty, Hong Kong, China
Completed: 2011
Architect : Rocco Design Architects
Landscape Architect: HOK
Project Team: Rocco Yim, Bernard Hui, William Tam, C M Chan, Henry Ho, Boris Lo, Lucia Cheung, William Lee, Wicky Choi, Herbert Hung, Ivy Yung, Queenie Szeto, Angela Fong, Joseph Kong, Sze Hoi Wai, Alonzo Cheng, Chan Chi Chung, Fiona Ching, Chris Wong, Tong Hui Ching, Ivan Chui, David Ho, Dathan Wun, Gary Ng, Agnus Lau, Mike Morgan
Consultants: Architectural Services Department (ASD)

AE Interests: The complex integrates three government facilities: the Legislative Council Complex, the Government Offices, and the Chief Executive’s Office. Disposition of the blocks allows the prevailing wind to penetrate the inner city providing ventilation through the Open Door passage, it also allows solar access to the site from the south, while the stepped heights of the buildings allow airflow mixing and recirculation, channeling wind from higher elevations to enhance air ventilation at pedestrian level. The Central Government Offices have double roof photovoltaic solar panels installed while the Chief Executive’s Office has thermal chimney, full height atrium as well as a green solar screen on its west – facing wall. Water conservation has been implemented and rain water collected has been recycled for landscape irrigation

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