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Novartis Campus Building – Shanghai, China

Posted in Built by Jorge Luis Garza on October 31, 2019

2016-08-06_StandardarchitectureNovartisShanghaiCampusBuildingC101608035  2016-08-06_StandardarchitectureNovartisShanghaiCampusBuildingC101608012    2016-08-06_StandardarchitectureNovartisShanghaiCampusBuildingC101608020  2016-08-06_StandardarchitectureNovartisShanghaiCampusBuildingC101608015

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Building: Novartis Campus Building
Location: Shanghai, Pudong, China
Architect: Zhang Ke, ZAO/standardarchitecture
Project Manager: Margret Domko
Design Team: Zhang Ke, Leonardo Colucci, Margret Domko, Johan Kinnucan, Alessandro Colli, Joao Dias Pereira
Structure/MEP: AECOM
Local Design Institute: Tongji University Architecture Design Institute
Façade Supervisor: Terry Bell
Façade Consultant: RFR
Interior Consultant: Sevel Peach
Interior Design Schematic &DD: standardarchitecture
Interior Construction Documentation: EXH
Landscape Designer: Teresa Moller
Lighting Design: LDC
Design: 2010 – 2016
Construction: 2012-2016
Occupation: 2016

AE Interests: organic grid system, outdoor courtyards, Lightness is upheld as an overall value, semi outdoor passage from the public open space, private gardens, contemporary local masonry and a geometric-inspired, abstract simplicity, contrast of colors
Article: [ a1, a2 ]

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