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Mikimoto Ginza Honten

Posted in Built by Ofek Bruhis on November 6, 2019

Pictures: [1,2,3,4]

Building: Mikimoto Ginza Honten

Address: Ginza 2

Location: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Japan

Architect: Toyo Ito

Structural Engineer: SSC Sasaki Structural Consultants

Interior: Ichiro Nishiwaki Design Office

Lighting Designer: Ushio Spax Co

Contractor: Taisei Corporation

Completion: 2005


AE Interests:  Straight vertical walls with light pink exterior, like a pearl. ­­ Rectangular box looks like skyscraper from afar. The windows (of fractal composition) are bubbles or petal dancing arranged randomly through the building, like Swiss-Cheese­. But some windows are placed at corners (where columns usually are) to emphasize the sophisticated structure. Column-free interior, the building is a tubular structural system without columns, so that the load bearing walls. Formed by two layers of steel panels were interspersed with pins and then with concrete reinforced low viscosity. The slabs of the floors are formed by homogeneous layers 9. The design uses “method of finite element analysis”. Ito wants the user to “look for the technology” and “architecture you can touch and feel because the object is real”, as it is subtle and sewed seamlessly into the building.



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